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Project danube@work

Social Partners for Fair Digital Work


Project Area:

Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia

Initial Position:

Digitisation is changing all social and economic areas of life and has a great influence on work and employment. On the one hand, digitisation provides innovative services and increased productivity as well as more choices for consumers. On the other hand, it has a considerable impact on the labour market and the organisation of labour. If not regulated, digitisation might cause serious increases in differences in income as well as limited access to social security systems not only due to cutbacks from a decrease in contributions but also due to the often unstable nature of digital employment itself. The main stakeholders in the labour market should focus on risks and challenges through the digitisation of work, in order to provide answers for future developments. Although the Danube area is comprised of regions with certain specific requirements, it has a main common need – to contribute to fair and just living and working conditions for all people in the common region.


The focus of danube@work is on raising awareness of the challenges through the digitisation of work and on finding common solutions on the national level. Therefore, close international cooperation and an exchange of the knowledge of experts are required. Specific characteristics of national needs and opportunities must be taken into account. A register of the branches most affected in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Austria shall provide useful knowledge about the status quo and about expected future developments. The project does not claim to provide solutions for the digitisation of work as a whole, but it will contribute to specific challenges in certain branches and fields of work by involving the main stakeholders in the labor market.

Main Activities:

  • Creating a network of experts on digitisation in the common project area
  • Conferences in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Austria
  • Case studies carried out in specific branches
  • Seminars on collective bargaining, industrial relations and worker protection
  • Study on digitisation for the entire project area
  • Information on the current developments in the national languages




Austrian Trade Union Federation (ÖGB)
International Department
Johann-Böhm-Platz 1
A-1020 Vienna
Marie Hejnys, Email:, Phone: +43 1 53444 39327
Tanja Vicas, Email:, Phone: +43 1 53444 39327 39322


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