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Initiatives: Riders Collective                                                                         

The RidersCollective is an initiative that aims to improve working conditions in the platform economy, especially in the area of food delivery. The RidersCollective serves not only as a contact point and as a “voice” for messengers vis-à-vis the union and the general public, but  should also raise awareness of the situation of couriers as well provide this group with specialised information on workers’ rights, challenges and obstacles and well-founded educational opportunities. Through a broad network, the RidersCollective gives an inclusive overview of the working conditions of the messengers in Austria and provides a dialogue at eye level with employees as a basic principle in order to advocate meaningful measures aimed at improving working conditions.

RidersCollective - Part of the Digital Danube Network (DiDaNet) project, financed by the Federal Ministry of Labour. You can also follow us on our social media channels:


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